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  DPM-48 series digital multi range KW meter

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053 07 
Size: 96X48
Phase: single phase and three phase
Input current: connection by mean of ---/5A transformer
Input voltage: 110~240v or 380~500VAC
Type A: 40/5A,50/5A,75/5A,100/5A,150/5A,
Type B: 150/5A,200/5A,300/5A,400/5A,600/5A,750/5A,
Type C: 600/5A,750/5A,1000/5A,1500/5A,2000/5A,
Measurement range: AC current, multi-switchable range: 
60/5A, 100/5A, 150/5A, 200/5A, 250/5A, 300/5A, 400/5A, 
500/5A,600/5A,750/5A, 800/5A, 1000/5A, 1200/5A, 1500/5A, 1999/5A
     DPM-48 series digital multi range KW meter

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